Our Watermelon playdoughIts smells divine. 100% pure sweet orange, jasmine and peru balsam essential oils with Pink sprinkles on top, because it can never be pink enough.


This playdough comes in a large 300g tin.


We use non-toxic food grade ingredients, safe for children to use. While we try our best to make our products as described, items may vary from the photos due to it being handmade freshly each time. Colors may vary slightly.


Our dough contains all natural ingredients but due to its high salt content it should not be ingested. It is only intended for play purpose.


This product is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. Adult supervision is required at all times as this product may contain small and loose parts which may present a choking hazard.


Although every care is taken to ensure there is no cross contamination, we can not guarantee a nut free environment.


It is not suitable for anyone with Gluten, Shellfish, wheat or nut allergies.


Essential Oils may cause skin irritations on sensitive skin.


Please store your playdough in its container in a cold dry place. If stored correctly, our dough should last for 3 month.


Please ensure your and your little one's hands are clean before use.


If the dough dries out, add a little water and oil and kneed, it should regain its soft and squishy feel.

Watermelon Playdough